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Get Motivated to Stay Hydrated

Are you starting to feel dry like the leaves falling from the trees? Hydration is what you need! Let’s talk about Hydrating B5 Gel. This is an oil free moisturizer that comes in the form of a thin light serum. It can help reduce redness while also binding moisture to the skin. This simple addition [read more]

Forever Young ~ BBL

Let’s talk about the miracle lotions and potions and pyramid schemes that promise younger looking skin. Newsflash…they cannot penetrate the skin’s surface! They cannot reach the deeper layers of the skin where much of the aging process occurs. Forever Young BBL uses the power of light to boost your body’s natural ability to fight the [read more]

Mommy Makeover

The “Mommy-Makeover”: One Size Does Not Fit All The term “mommy-makeover” has become a standard phrase to describe surgery for women who want to reclaim their youthful breasts and body after having kids. In one surgery, both the breasts and abdomen can be treated to lift and contour a patient’s figure. There are a variety [read more]

Enhanced Recovery at Sullivan Surgery & Spa

Enhanced Recovery at Sullivan Surgery Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (or ERAS) is a new trend that many hospitals are embracing to help decrease pain after surgery and get patients back on their feet more quickly. The program was initially designed for patients having big surgeries where they needed to stay for several days in the [read more]