Out-of-Town Patients

Many of our patients travel great distances to have our doctors perform their plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

As experts in patient care, surgical skill and rapid recovery surgery, we will make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Dr. Sullivan’s approach allows out-of-town patients to confidently schedule surgery and plan their return home in a predictable manner. We work with each individual to tailor a treatment plan that maximizes efficiency while still upholding the highest standard in patient safety and outcomes. Our office can give you options for local hotel accommodations and reliable post-operative nursing care as needed.

For out-of-town patients we can also arrange for a telephone or telemedicine consultation.  You would provide photographs of the areas you are interested in discussing and a mutually agreeable date and time for the consultation would be arranged.

Please use our contact form or call our office for more information: 410-571-1280

Hotels In The Area

Airports In The Area