Additional Patient Reviews

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Sullivan and her entire staff are the absolute kindest, soothing most professional group that one seeking personal & sensitive procedures shall feel so thankful ( & blessed) to have repair ” & enhance one’s life & sense of well-being! Thank you always.

Breast Implant Revision

Dr. Sullivan was so compassionate when I came in for my first visit explaining that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and made it possible for my surgery to be scheduled ASAP. I loved her mannerisms and her sincere attitude. as well as her Nurse helping me that day. I have been so happy with my choice of Dr. Sullivan over a couple other surgeons that I spoke with before deciding I wanted her to perform the surgeries. As it turned out, I needed a second surgery for the right breast after cancer was found there.

Breast Reconstruction/tram

Have used Dr. Kelly Sullivan for 10 years now. Have recommended her numerous times to many people. Have received rave reviews with regards to her work from a number of doctors that have seen me (oncologists, breast surgeons, gynecologist, radiologists.. Her office staff are fantastic and on the ball. She has a gentleness and bedside manner like none I have ever seen.

Breast Implant Revision

Dr. Sullivan was outstanding regarding an explanation of the procedure. She also discovered a malignant tumor during the final reconstructive surgery which she subsequently removed. This tumor had previously been misdiagnosed as a cyst by another physician. Dr. Sullivan has always treated me in a special way and her advice has always been invaluable. I am eternally grateful to her for everything she has done to help me through my cancer experience.Dr. Sullivan’s staff members are also highly professional and caring individuals, adding to the positive experience with visits I have made to her office.Other procedures I have had with Dr. Sullivan include the removal of basal cell carcinoma and a procedure with Artefill injectable filler. I was highly satisfied with the results of both of these procedures which were both very successful.


My doctor is very professional & excellent at what she does. I go to her for Botox & have sent at least 10 of my friends to her as well!

Mole removals from the face

Dr Sullivan and Jennie Jacobs are amazing. I’ve had wonderful results each and every time I see Dr Sullivan and it is a great practice. Thank you.

Surgery was cancelled

My husband had surgery scheduled to repair his lip. But on the day of surgery, after following doctor’s instructions well she cancelled it because it was healing on its own. We were very impressed with avoiding an already paid procedure, we felt it was healing nicely as well. So we were grateful to skip it all and impressed with her honesty.

Skin Tag removal

Everything went smoothly, the doctor was very knowledgeable and had a great bedside manner, and all the staff was really friendly. The area was clean and organized and I felt that I was in good hands.

Excision biopsy breast

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kelly Sullivan and her team! It comes down to trust and respect. I trust her skill and I feel very respected as a person by her entire team. She truly listens to me and my concerns and addresses them with great empathy. I have already referred a patient to her, and she too was very very satisfied with her experience with her recent surgery at the hospital. Dr. Sullivan’s initiative to create Wellness House is truly the icing on the cake which proves to me that she gets it that people/patients need to be treated as a whole being. I pray her example is followed by more surgeons and doctors in general.

Removal of 3rd nipple

It was our 4 year old child who had the surgery, and every possible attempt to make her experience as positive as possible was attempted and achieved. We were grateful for the special care she received, and it made it easier for us as the parents to go through it, too.