Breast Reconstruction Insurance Facts

Q: I have heard that breast reconstruction surgery is very expensive and that Dr. Kelly Sullivan does not accept insurance. What are the facts?

A: Dr. Kelly Sullivan has performed hundreds of breast reconstruction surgeries, and she has never refused to perform a breast reconstruction because a patient could not afford it.

Dr. Kelly Sullivan became a plastic surgeon and chose Emory University for her advanced training because she wanted to help women suffering from breast cancer to have the best possible outcome after treatment.


1: Dr. Kelly Sullivan cooperates with ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES.

Dr. Kelly Sullivan is “PAR” with Medicare and is available as an “Out-of-Network” provider with all other insurance plans.  Dr. Sullivan has even helped patients whose plans initially denied permission to go to a non-participating provider by successfully challenging that ruling.  Please call our office at 410-571-1280 and we will be happy to help you understand your specific insurance plan and benefits.

2. Dr. Kelly Sullivan does not “Balance Bill” for breast reconstruction.

As with any in-network provider, the patient is responsible for paying co-pay and deductible amounts.  Dr. Kelly Sullivan will not punish you by seeking payment from you for inadequate insurance company reimbursements – although she does ask for your cooperation in appealing unfair determinations.

3. Insurance determines which surgeons your doctor may recommend.

Doctors and hospitals who are “Participating Providers” have agreed in their contracts with the insurance company to refer you only to in-network providers. This is true whether or not you have out-of-network benefits. This is sometimes the reason your cancer doctor may not recommend Dr. Kelly Sullivan and may instead refer you to a surgeon who is a “Participating Provider” with your insurance company. Despite this recommendation, you are free to see any doctor or surgeon that you would like to see.

You have a choice!

By any measure – education, training, experience, her demonstrated care and compassion, and most importantly the outcomes experienced by her patients – there is no better breast reconstruction surgeon in the Annapolis, Baltimore, or Washington area than Dr. Kelly Sullivan. She does not perform these surgeries because they are profitable; she performs them because she cares about women and wants to help them resume their lives after cancer and move forward feeling good about themselves and their bodies.